The Intersection of Art and Process.


We provide retouching, color correction, proofing, and compositing services for both still images and video. Our clients are some of the best-known brands and photographers in fashion, editorial, advertising, beauty, and still life. Whether one image or thousands, we thrive on creative challenges and will meet the most demanding deadlines, moving your brand to the next level of success. The artists at CONVYR POST have the ability to obtain superior image quality while being mindful of the delicate balance between a real picture and a retouched one. We know we’ve done our job well when it looks like we haven’t touched the image at all! Every image is unique and so is our approach to retouching. Our artists are leaders in the digital imaging revolution and are constantly raising the bar in quality and service.  From the simplest job to the most complex, all projects are handled with the same impeccable attention to detail. Our retouching services include:


In studio or on location, CONVYR POST provides retouching services for on-figure fashion images – showing your latest styles in their best light. We take special care to make certain the essence of your designs come across loud and clear to your customers.


Used to showcase a new collection, our artists have repeatedly ensured that hundreds of new collections have appeared flawlessly from page to page. With impeccable care and attention to detail, we bring your new line to life.


Whether flats, pinups or laydowns our team guarantees that your products reflect their true quality. Every unintended wrinkle or imperfection is flawlessly removed while the true quality and texture of the material shines through.


Consistency is key in high-volume e-commerce retouching. Working closely with the photographic and styling teams at our Los Angeles studios, CONVYR POST ensures visual consistency across all of your products, generating a cohesive brand experience and increased customer trust.


Often used for catalog or advertising, our high-end still life retouching service has created unique visuals for Calvin Klein, Ciroc Vodka, Don Julio and more. We meticulously attain retouching perfection in each still life image.


Beauty and skin retouching is an art form in and of itself. Pixel by pixel we pour over your cosmetics and hair images, creating that flawless – and yet realistic – look that sells product.


Need to create a new reality? We leverage our vast knowledge of photography, light and the latest digital techniques to create new environments like this stadium for Ciroc Vodka- from dozens of individual images. You imagine it and we’ll bring it to life.


These aren’t GIF’s. They are high quality 4k cinemagraphs that create the perfect blend of motion and stills, creating content that engages viewers and converts over 3x more than still content alone. CONVYR POST uses the latest technology to dive deeper into the latest trends of effective content creation, making the most of each shoot.


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